SwissText 2018

3rd Swiss Text Analytics Conference

June 12-13, 2018
in Winterthur

Workshop at the 3rd Swiss Text Analytics Conference,
Tuesday June 12, 2018

Data Expedition into the Swiss Twitter Community


We invite you to join the “Data Expedition" into the Swiss Twitter Community, where you can explore deep into the unmapped territory of Swiss Twitter data. The Swiss Twitter Corpus is a large collection of tweets that are related to Switzerland, either by originating in Switzerland or talking about topics related to or relevant to Switzerland.


Data Expeditions are an established format to explore new data, with the goal to discover new and interesting insights in very short time. You will join people with different backgrounds in your team and have the opportunity to meet new people, learn from each other, create new ideas and insights, and explore the depths of Swissness. We will provide you with the data and the working space and we will help you get started. Maximum number of participants: 30 (first come, first serve).


Your goal is to come up with an interesting quest, analyse the data, and build a creative solution. For instance, your quest could be "Which is the most enjoyable city in Switzerland", and for the solution, you enhance geolocated tweets with sentiment analysis and visualize the results on a map of Switzerland.


Our data science experts will help if you get stuck or don’t know how best to achieve your goals. You don’t need to be a data scientist or programmer to participate, there are other roles such as story teller or designer which are just as important in a data expedition. Just bring your computer, your curiosity and creativity.


Each team will be able to show off their results in a short presentation which also gives you the opportunity to see what others have come up with. Additionally, the results will be summarized by us in a short talk the following day.

Results and major findings will be published as a workshop summary in the proceedings of the SwissText Conference.

We hope you join us for this exciting expedition!

The Organizers

This Data Expedition will be organized by SpinningBytes AG and its data science experts.