SwissText 2018

3rd Swiss Text Analytics Conference

June 12-13, 2018
in Winterthur

Workshop at the 3rd Swiss Text Analytics Conference,
Wednesday June 13, 2018

NLP Clinic


The NLP clinic is an interactive workshop to discuss and likely solve open problems of the participants together with experts and the combined experience of the other participants in a stand-up brainstorming-like fashion. It is offered by members of the expert group “Machine Learning Clinic” of the Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services in an attempt to export the successful modus operandi of their group meetings to the text analytics community. It works like this:

Participants who want to present a specific open problem, seeking instantaneous guidance towards a solution, are required to register in advance for the workshop. During the workshop, they will get the opportunity to pitch their problem statement in 5-10 minutes; the invited experts together with other participants will brainstorm for potential solutions within the next 10-20 minutes; finally, feedback is collected and structured with the help of a moderator in the remaining 5-10 minutes before the next case will be discussed.

Participants who have no own case to present but are eager to join the discussion can still sign up for the workshop during the event (if places are still available - we can handle 10 cases and additional 25 participants).

Target audience

We direct the workshop towards people working hands on with machine learning for text analytics. For presented cases, we encourage the presenter to focus on the clear problem to solve, but make it as specific as the underlying business case (or research project) allows in terms of disclosure of internal information. For participants, we encourage active participation in contributing to solutions and share one’s knowledge. We specifically invite young data scientists, PhD students and those at the very beginning of a certain project.

The organizers

The NLP Clinic will be organized by the following people from the ranks of the ML Clinic expert group (tentative):