List of accepted submissions

Scientific Track


Nils Schaetti
Author Verification in Stream of Text with Echo State Network-based Recurrent Neural Models

Deepanwita Datta, Manajit Chakraborty and Aveek Biswas
Your Click Matters: Enhancing Click-based Image Retrieval performance through Collaborative Filtering

Egon Werlen, Fernando Benites, Christof Imhof and Per Bergamin
The feeling of the reader and text-based emotion measurement: The relationship between subjective self-reports, lexical ratings and sentiment analysis

Timo Spring, Jacky Casas, Karl Daher, Elena Mugellini and Omar Abou Khaled
Empathy in Chatbots

Bernhard Preisler, Margot Mieskes and Christoph Becker
Bitcoin Value and Sentiment Expressed in Tweets


Swiss Track


Laura Gander, Antonella Bolt and Ursula Stäuble
Customer driven architecture for a Chatbot

Nadja Keidel
Multi-language multi-label email classification for SBB’s customer support

Fabio Rinaldi, Philipp Kuntschik, Gottowik Jürgen, Mathias Leddin, Raul Rodriguez Esteban, Albert Weichselbraun, Tilia Ellendorff, Nico Colic and Lenz Furrer
MedMon: social media analytics for an healthcare application

Tilia Ellendorff, Simon Foster and Fabio Rinaldi
The PsyMine Project: Outcomes and Insights

Albert Weichselbraun and Philipp Kuntschik
Semantic systems and visual tools for analyzing domain-specific text corpora and communication channels

Anastasios Zouzias, Theus Hossmann, Benjamin Theunissen and Christian Müller
Email Anonymization in the insurance Industry

Yves Scherrer
News from

Gabriel Luthier and Andrei Popescu-Belis
PLACAT: A user-friendly question answering system for smart speaker devices

Robin Ribback, Noah Bubenhofer and Julia Krasselt
A model for distributing and using public broadcasting data

Ahmad Aghaebrahimian
Hyperparameter Tuning for Deep Learning

Kurt Wehrli, Massimo Lusetti and Tanja Samardzic
Matching Human Competences with Semantic Search

Fabian Germann, Malgorzata Anna Ulasik and Mark Cieliebak
Automatic Speech Recognition Systems Accuracy Evaluation

Hatem Ghorbel, Fabrizio Albertetti and Jérôme Moret
DeepDTI: Identification of Drug-Target Interactions using Deep Learning Techniques

Mathias Leddin, Raul Rodriguez-Esteban and Juergen Gottowik
How Patient Insights from Social Media improve a Conceptual Disease Model

Tatyana Ruzsics, Massimo Lusetti, Anne Göhring, Tanja Samardzic and Elisabeth Stark
Neural Text Normalization with Adapted Decoding and POS Features

Didier Orel, Titus Plattner and Marcel Blattner
NLP Activities at Tamedia

Andrew Marritt
Building an inductive coding service for employee feedback

Angeliki Davourli
Talos, the Deep Learning solution of Credit Suisse

Gion Linder and Jacqueline Blaser
Success of ASR (automatic speech recognition) in the field of subtitling

Christof Traber, Schamai Safra, Bleicke Holm, Dominic Schnyder and Philipp Lichtenberg
Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Seven Swiss German Dialects

Dominik Frefel
Summarization of German texts

Aaron Richiger and Sara Wick
Automated Data Extraction from Documents for Analysis using Machine Learning

Ritavan Ritavan and Christian Barte
MAX – Actionable Insights

Stephan Wick and Samuel Läubli
Neural Machine Translation for Increased Human Translation Efficiency at Migros Bank

Christoph Süess
Chatbots usability – Dos and don’ts

Ela Pustulka-Hunt and Thomas Hanne
Sentiment Analysis for a Swiss Gig Platform Company


Demo Track


Maurice Gonzenbach and Pascal de Buren
Transfer learning for feedback analysis: Demo of

Hans-Peter Dr. Güllich
Simplify AI for Business Users

Maud Ehrmann, Matteo Romanello, Frédéric Kaplan, Marten Düring, Estelle Bunout, Paul Schroeder, Daniele Guido, Thijs van Beek, Simon Clematide, Gerold Schneider, Phillip Benjamin Ströbel, Martin Volk and Andreas Fickers
Historical Media Monitoring with impresso

Linus Metzler, Nadina Siddiqui, Dominik Steiner, Gezim Zeneli, Nathan Lepori, Jan Albert, Fernando Benites, Don Tuggener, Pius von Däniken and Mark Cieliebak
A Framework for Question-Driven Text Corpus Exploration

Rupak Chakraborty and Kapil Arora
Adobe Sense – Customer Connectivity Redefined

Anette Hunziker and Samuel Portmann
Automatic Didactic Feedback for Student Text through Natural Language Understanding

Matteo Amore, Federica Chierici and Mariella Borghi
Using AI Speech and Text Analytics to uncover valuable insights for contact centre compliance and complaints

Alexandros Paramythis and Doris Paramythis
Show me your documents and I’ll show you your knowledge graph – semantic search in “unknown” domains

Mark Cieliebak, Nicolas Eckhart, Mathias Marxer and Malgorzata Ulasik
Automatic Transcription of Interviews

Elham Aklaghi, Branislav Bedi, Cathy Chua, Hanieh Habibi and Manny Rayner
Demonstration of LARA, a tool to help develop foreign language reading skills

Ursin Brunner, Arthur Habicht, Dorian Tanase and Pascal Wyss
Corporate Sustainability Assessment with modern NLP

Drazenko Djordjevic
ANNA – a machine learning based approach to medical coding and billing

Ralf Grubenmann
Predict Mortality Rates from Twitter

Marilena Oita, Fatma Oezdemir-Zaech and Fabien Pernot
Biomedical Text Comprehension using Transfer Learning and Semantic Coherence

Janna Lipenkova
MarketMiner: A Platform for International Web-based Market Intelligence Facilitating Strategic Business Decisions

Heinz Bachmann, Franz Kögl and Fabienne Müller
Natural language processing in practice

Jürgen Schwärzler and Philipp Thomann
Harness the power of user generated content with search and machine learning

Philip Garner, Olivier Bornet, Dimitra Loupi, John Antonakis and Dominic Rohner
Deep Learning of Charisma

Christine Spies
Text analytics for keyword research in online marketing – challenges & solutions