SwissText 2018

3rd Swiss Text Analytics Conference

June 12-13, 2018
in Winterthur

List of Accepted Submissions at SwissText 2018

Scientific Track:

Noëmi Aepli and Simon Clematide Parsing Approaches for Swiss German
Ruiqi Li, Guillem Collell and Marie-Francine Moens A Genetic Algorithm for Combining Visual and Textual Embeddings Evaluated on Attribute Recognition
Georgios Balikas and Ioannis Partalas On the effectiveness of feature set augmentation using clusters of word embeddings
Diego Saldana Automated Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions in the Biomedical Literature Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Biomedical Word Embeddings
Adrian Pace, Louis Baligand, Stian Håklev, Jennifer Olsen, Nore de Grez and De Wever Bram Quantifying Collaboration in Synchronous Document Editing
Gerold Schneider Differences between Swiss High German and German German via data-driven methods
Don Tuggener Evaluating Neural Sequence Models for Splitting (Swiss) German Compounds
Egon Werlen, Ivan Moser, Christof Imhof and Per Bergamin Is reading mirrored in the face? A comparison of linguistic parameters and emotional facial expressions

Swiss Track:

Rémy Blättler, Mark Cieliebak and Jan Deriu Bilingual Term Extraction with Big Data.
Ethan Brown and Saurabh Jain Recommendations from unstructured data for investment banking / information extraction
Albert Weichselbraun, Philipp Kuntschik, Norman Süsstrunk, Fabian Odoni, Sandro Hörler and Adrian M.P. Brasoveanu Enhancing search with facets, categories and clusters extracted from free text
Sibylle Peuker “What can I ask you?” - The User Experience of Conversational Interfaces
Markus S.T. Pilzecker Automatic Hyperlinking on a Juridicial Corpus via an RDFized Terminology
Khalil Mrini, Marc Laperrouza and Pierre Dillenbourg Building a Question-Answering Chatbot using Forum Data in the Semantic Space
Donat Agosti Plazi workflow: Text and Data Mine to liberate and make accessible data in published scientific publications
Massimo Lusetti, Tatyana Ruzsics, Anne Göhring, Tanja Samardzic and Elisabeth Stark Encoder-decoder methods for text normalization
Ann-Sophie Gnehm Text Zoning for Job Advertisements with Bidirectional LSTMs
Jacky Casas, Nathan Quinteiro Quintas, Elena Mugellini and Omar Abou Khaled Rupert the nutritionist, the efficient conversational agent
Lorenz Bernauer and Patrick Bernauer Auto-generated Email Responses: Boost your email efficiency
Ruben Wolff The surprising Utility of NLP algorithms on non Text data
Pius von Däniken and Mark Cieliebak Swiss German Language Detection in Online Resources
Fabio Rinaldi BioMedical Text Mining Activities of the BioMeXT group
Alexandros Paramythis and Doris Paramythis Enhancing search with facets, categories and clusters extracted from free text
Alireza Ghasemi A Supervised Dataset for Stylometric Analysis of Swiss Text
Simon Clematide A Morphological Toolset for Rumantsch Grischun
Igor Nozhov and Juerg Schleier Spitch - Technology Stack & Applications
Fernando Benites, Gilber Duivesteijn, Pius von Däniken and Mark Cieliebak Merging haystacks to find matching needles: a transliteration approach
Christoforos Nalmpantis, Fernando Benites, Michaela Hnizda, Daniel Kriech, Pius von Däniken, Ralf Grubenmann and Mark Cieliebak Swiss Twitter Corpus
Christof Traber SlowSoft Speech Technology Components for Swiss German and Romansh
Noëmi Aepli, Nora Hollenstein and Simon Clematide NOAH 3.0: Recent Improvements in a Part-of-Speech Tagged Corpus for Swiss German Dialects
Arnaud Miribel, Yu Yamashita and Soufiane El Badraoui History of Patents in Switzerland
Samuel Borms, David Ardia, Keven Bluteau and Kris Boudt Text-based indexation and monitoring of corporate reputation using the R package ‘sentometrics’
Johannes Graën, Mara Bertamini and Martin Volk Cutter - a Universal Multilingual Tokenizer
Simone Rebora, Moniek Kuijpers and Piroska Lendvai Mining Goodreads: A Text Similarity Based Method to Measure Reader Absorption
Aaron Richiger, Martin Keller and Patrick Emmisberger Automated Transformation of documents into data sources